soul food seasoning

A common prayer request for me is for a season of let up. A break from operating on all cylinders. A subtraction of multi tasks. A refund on my Black Woman tax.

I know my faith and trust in God grows exponentially, when there are ample reasons to exercise faith and trust in God. An already present God who can be trusted to faithfully show up. Because God always has. 

God’s ways are surprising. More often than not, mysterious. His timing, until it’s once again proven perfect, can sometimes feel late. But even then, His loving, relentless tenderness in the darkest of seasons, overwhelms and incomprehensibly delights.

If a season of let up means a season where I’m less witness to the hope in the middle of the storm. Or unable to capture seeing goodness strong arming toxicity. If I miss seeing grace show up unannounced, then I don’t want a season of letting up or letting go of all that.

My multitasking cylinders, my fearfully and wonderfully made Black woman revenues operate and navigate in some incredibly sacred communities of family, faith and calling. 
What my heart is seeking is rest within and throughout all seasons. A steady spirit nourishing diet from God’s Soul Foods store.
Not removing the symphony of conversations, challenges and wisdom of God requiring experiences, but rather caring well for this instrument designed to hear, play and rest with intention. Waiting for the chorus that allows me to dance fully and freely in all seasons. To hope and to dream without let up.

Author: deborahmasten

faith. race. justice. joy. storytelling hostage. writing a path to freedom.

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