love shows up in the mourning

Mourning the loss of 49 Muslim lives that God fearfully and wonderfully made is a prayer answered by how we treat our neighbors. The immigrant. The refugee. The marginalized.

Mourning is an action that welcomes. It shows compassion. It shows up. It refuses to allow love to become a stranger to the Stranger.

Refuses to become indifferent or passively complicit to the domestic terrorism of white supremacists.

Mourning with those who mourn is demonstrated by doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Legislating unto others as you would have them legislate unto you.

Looking into the grieving eyes of our Muslim neighbors and seeing our family. Seeing our tears. Seeing a community loved by God.


Author: deborahmasten

faith. race. justice. joy. storytelling hostage. writing a path to freedom.

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